What is the value of long-term holding of Rarible token?

  • Hi, I’m new. I just found will distribute tokens for buying and selling NFTs (as a reward). Can someone tell me about the long term value of holding tokens?
  • Can Rarible tokens be used as transaction fees?
  • Does the team plan to buy back tokens and deflate?

Hi and welcome among us, @ldenz97
As far as I know :

it allows you to participate to Rarible life, you can buy token with them, no you can’t pay a transaction fees with them and I don’t know for the last question.

I wish you the best here :slight_smile:



I am curious about the value of Rari as well. I used the search function as to not post redundant threads so please excuse me if resurrecting is worse than posting anew.

I can claim some Rari, but it would cost $120 in gas. I am just trying to figure out if it’s worth it.


Hi, no absolutely not.
1 rari =38 $