What Type of NFT Art do you want to see?

As a new creator to this space I’m excited by the possibilities, but I also know that what I’m planning to make isn’t what’s selling right now and may never be interesting to the community as a whole.

To be specific, I primarily work with video and so that is what I’ll be bringing to the Rarible marketplace. There’s a lot of limitations, file size and the fact that it needs to be a gif are the main ones, but I like the challenge of that.

Just curious as to what people see themselves collecting and what everyone finds interesting at the moment.

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I have seen kind of all type of things
I think is subjective, some things i would not buy may be selling a lot and vice versa, so… just go for it i would say
Im putting some of my illustrations for sale for example, i make them as i like them, if someone else likes them great, if not, also great i like them myself…
Just put them here in case someone may want to buy and collect them, but not desesperate to make a sale and change depending on whats selling

thats my opinion at least, may be wrong :slight_smile:

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I agree. I think it’s good to experiment and just get your work out there. Of course, with the gas fees it would be very expensive to put everything you have up for sale. So, personally, I’m definitely taking my time before I list something else to make sure it’s worth it.


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