What Types of NFT Videos Would Be Useful to You?

TLDR: I’m making NFT YouTube videos to help our community. What would you like to see?

Hi all!

I wanted to reach out and see if there are any types of videos about NFTs that you would find interesting or want to see? Areas could include: art showcases, tutorial videos, informational videos, NFT project highlights, news, etc. The one thing I’m looking to stay away from at this time is NFT investment advice.

You may have noticed from my other topic “Get Your Art Promoted For Free” that I started an NFT Art YouTube Channel called The NFT Gentleman where I showcase and promote art from our community:

While I’m looking to continue with the art gallery videos I also want to expand the content and wanted to see if there was anything in particular people want :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi CC,

The videos you are making are excellent & thank you!

I don’t know how feasible this suggestion is but adding a live link to each artist that you show would expand the content greatly. Then if someone viewing likes a particular piece of art they can hit the live link.

For example my link to Rarible is: https://rarible.com/items?tab=owned

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The concept of an NFT news & highlights sounds interesting.

Just watched some of your current videos, great work, enjoyed them!

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Check out my profile: https://t.co/1Q5IwByrX8

please let me know, in comments, thanks