Where are my RARI tokens?

I have tried to mint my artwork twice and both times the platform took my ETH to purchase RARI tokens. Several times the process didn’t go through with the following error message sent in response: “erc721: token already minted”

I am using MyEtherWallet but apparently MetaMask is better?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have only ever used Metamask and had no issues.
Seems like most people I see encountering problems
have been using a different wallet.
I recommend Metamask

I’m using Fortmatic and everything is fine for now… Do you think it is a good one? It seems trustworthy but I saw none using it
(Asking here cause I didn’t want to open a new post just for this)

I personally have never used Fotmatic so I don’t really know anything about it. But I’m glad to here its working for you now. I hope someone can give you a better answer.
Good luck with your minting

Using metamask no issues as well, very smooth so far

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