Where Is My Purchased NFT @rarible

To whom it may concern.
I purchased one of Elon Musk’s NFT’s, “computers never sleep”, which has since disappeared from my rarible items collection, however I can still see it in my coinbase wallet collectables section.

I have sent numerous emails to rarible support, with no response from my first email 3/22/21. Even though it might not have been an NFT actually created by musk, ie a fake, I should still be allowed to view, sell, or trade the NFT that @rarible allowed to be sold… instead, Poof gone with no accountability for this action.

  • Has anyone else experienced this same situation?

(UPDATE) https://rarible.com/elonnmusknft This is the account I was bidding on #200 of 233. The NFT is still being sold(now at #180), however when I try to access the NFT that I purchased I see this… https://rarible.com/token/0xd07dc4262bcdbf85190c01c996b4c06a461d2430:332204. And to prove I actually paid for it, attached is a pic of the purchase from the person that accepted my offer. The person that accepted my offer and sold it to me wasn’t the creator of the art, but allegedly an owner of one of the editions…

The guys profile I bought it from…

And his sales activity history log, showing the sale to me…

@rarible somebody needs to address this issue not only with myself, but also others that are posting they too are in the same situation. @rarible someone needs to correct the issue and get us our NFT’s or refund us our crypto spent plus transaction fees back!

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In my experience, @rarible always comes through. Sometimes when mining demand is at an all time high, there’s nothing anyone can do but wait. I wish I had something I could tell you to make it better now as I know in these moments someone saying “be patient” isn’t helpful. Seeing as this is a community lead marketplace, it may take a while, but I contribute under the assumption that things will be made right…eventually. Sorry this has been so troubling for you.

I’m being patient, with expectations that this will be corrected. I noticed it was pulled from my items list 3 days after I bought it, which is when I sent the first email. The first email was 3/22/21, and I have replied to their initial response email twice since. Due to no luck with email, I figured if I could post all the intricate details with pics here to try and get a response quicker. Now that all the detailed information has been compiled in one place hopefully i hear something back. That being said, ill still wait patiently, its a documented purchase that even i can track on etherscan, and have faith that at some point ill get my nft!

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Thanks for sharing the additional details @Unnamed. Has the currency you used for the contract be returned to your wallet after the purchased item was withdrawn? Depending on the type of wallet, or how many you have connected, this can easily get missed. Especially when you’re talking thousandths of decimal points and fractional values that change every second.

@hoff_therecord Ive got my coinbase wallet connected. Just reviewed my credits to both my WETH and ETH accounts, great suggestion, and no. I did not receive any credits to either account. The NFT is still in my coinbase wallet as an “owned NFT”, but not my rarible owned items… It’s a waiting game at this point for either information from @rarible or the return of my NFT, whichever comes first lol

Another possible scenario, is the verified guy that accepted my offer and sold the NFT is somehow scamming people out of money. In that case hopefully my documentation can assist in some way of addressing that scenario and possibly prevent it from happening in the future. And hopefully getting me my money and or NFT back lol

Documentation and photographic proof are always best scenario when dealing with a potential bad actor. Rarible verification seems to be extremely thorough so hopefully this isn’t the case.

If the “owned NFT” is in your wallet - this is what’s MOST important. Def keep an eye on it. You could also look to see if you received any RARI in the wallet connected to Rarible. If I remember correctly, don’t quote me on this, but Coinbase wasn’t a wallet that could connect to Rarible marketplace. If you have a Meta Mask or Zerion wallet that’s a bridge between your Coinbase wallet and Rarible, I’d track it there too.

Interesting when i select connect wallet, i expect to see metamask, which i have. Instead the only four options i have to choose from are, Formatic, walletconnect, coinbase wallet, and torus. I have checked my metamask wallet, no change there either.

Well the nft is no longer in my wallet… extremely frustrating! Still no word from @rarible. Going to try contacting them on discord! The fact someone, besides myself, is able to alter the contents of my wallet is very concerning. It makes me question the validity and how secure NFTs through @rarible really are!

Bringing this post back from the dead…. So I have recently received bids on this NFT “computers never sleep”. However, every time I click on the bid it brings me to the msg screen saying item has been removed. So I have a few questions, perhaps @rarible, or discussion support personnel might be able to help with.

  1. how are people able to bid on my nft if I can’t even see it
  2. how do I gain access to my purchased NFT either on here or offsite? IE opensea
  3. seeing as I actually purchased this NFT on @rarible, will they actually re allow the NFT to be viewed, bid, sold, listed on @rarible

    I’m still extremely bitter about this whole situation, especially since it was my first ever purchase/experience with @rarible and the NFT market! :Takes deep breath: any insight or thoughts appreciated!