Where ıs my RARI Drop?

Hi everyone…

I am wonder one thing. Last week I have publish 2 nft art and sell 1 nft art. Why I have no RARI drop?

I know its every Sunday night is it right? Can someone inform me?


Same here… Sold a few pieces but no RARIs so far… :man_shrugging:

FYI: I’ve been told it happens late on Mondays… so let’s wait and see!

Hi gizmo,
What if you didn’t sell anything do you get any rari?

Quite possibly, yes (depending on your other activities besides selling and buying NFTs)!

I hope they are not looking verify for air drop :smiley: the search is annoying enough anyway

I still waiting but its still havent

@mrsourcenft Have you looked on Zerion mine only shows on Zerion I use MetaMask ?

I also use metamask mate…

OK @mrsourcenft so if you go to you Rarible profile page access your wallet from there. Then click on “manage funds on Zerion” thats were mine showed up they don’t show on my profile page for some reason.

So I guess it stays on Zerion until we claim it.Hope this helps or we all get are Rari soon.

I cant see anythink on zerion can u send me a screenshot where I need to look?

Hope this helps this is where the Rari from Buys and sales show and the air drop shows up here

Until you claim it then it shows in your Metamask.

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thanks mate… I found :smiley:

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if RARI Drops stack from week to week if you don’t claim them?