Who is Banksy's real person?

What you think about it? :left_speech_bubble:


Hi and welcome among us, @neodavinci95,

to be honest, I really don’t care about Banksy identity :slight_smile:

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I think it are those two guys from Daft Punk. But who are they :thinking:

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Well in fact, they’re known :wink:


hmm this is very interesting

For example?
Robert Del Naja?

I’m talking about Daft Punk identity :slight_smile:

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Hahahahaha I laughed more than i should…

This is a nice welcome message!

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I don’t know them. Who are these geniuses?

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French electro who rose to fame mid-90’s

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I know their music and the group, but not their names. I am a big fan. Shame they quit.

Banksy is a group of guys that work together as a team. watch Banksy does New York. those drops need an army to pull off.

just saying and the way that his paintings get sold and donated to small collectors that blow up. All apart of the team act…that’s my thoughts…

Your cool kids club member,
AKA ChAmBo or I’m eye AKA Banksy? we’ll never know…


Isnt Robin Gunningham ?