Why I can't relist timed auction any more

Some time ago I’d minted an artwork of mine from a video game and relisted it from time to time for timed auction. But for the last 2 weeks or so instead of the link “Relist” there is only “Remove from sale”:

My experience with Rarible is limited. May be there is somebody who can give me an idea what to do?

Hi it’s strange because normally, a NFT can only be listed once for timed auctions.

Yes, it’s strange. But what can I do now? Can I list this NFT now for fixed price? Or I should pay to Rarible twice for the same NFT?

You can list is at fixed price theoretically :blush:

Fine, but I don’t find the way to do that :frowning:

Click on your NFT and on the three dots on the upper right corner of your NFT.

Sure I did that few times before I’ve asked for help. But I don’t see any way to proceed :frowning:

Open a ticket. They answer quickly.

Thank you. I’ll try.

your piece currently says “open for bids” - you probs need to “remove it from sale” before you can attach a fixed price …

You’re right. May be you know, does it means that I should pay then for the same NFT again? For gas or whatever?

not for removing from sale and then re-listing it you shouldn’t; have a look at Raribleanalytics.com for what you will be charged for

That’s good. Many thanks!

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