Why is it so difficult to get verified?

Is this site real?

I’ve been here for quite some time and I still can’t get verified.

My initial problem was apparently a lack of a profile photo and I fixed that.

Yet my profile STILL reads declined.

Is this some weird pyramid scheme?

It seems like there is a group of verified artists who make all the money while the rest of us just pour money into oblivion.

Am I missing something?


I have also been waiting quite a while so I know the frustration.

I think the site is legit but I also think they just have a lot of improvements they could make to the verification process.

Here is a link to a suggestion I made: Verification Progress Tracker


Hi @KennyRosePhilly, welcome :slight_smile:

I can see you’re upset about not being verified or being able to sell anything; I myself have minted 13 already and I have a further 30 to go which I’m not going to do before I get verified (if I get verified) and I’ve been waiting now for eight weeks and it is at times confusing and draining so you’re not alone

It’s obvs not a scam or a pyramid scheme and it’s unhelpful to describe it as such when you’re dissatisfied; I joined hicetnunc.xyz last week so that I could buy a piece I liked from an artist that showed it on Twitter; I got to go further into the site by buying more work and then decided to be active on the site and put my own work up

I applied for verification yesterday and it has happened already and I’ve sold three pieces so maybe that’s your route if you’re not happy with Rarible?

However, the one thing I constantly say to people is you need to be patient, the platform is currently a victim of it’s success so just hang in there

In the meantime, how long have you been waiting for verification and what’s your Rarible profile? I don’t see much activity from you on this forum and you have no profile header for which you could use to promote yourself - click on mine and you’ll see what I mean; get active, get involved, promote yourself and your work because no-one is going to find lonely artists working in their attic anymore, it’s a business so treat it like one

Good luck :slight_smile:


I’ve been waiting for at least 2 months, probably 3.

I have over 750 followers.

I really think Rarible has a bad case of nepotism.

‘Verified’ members only support ‘Verified’ members and the rest of us just dump money into Ethereum driving the price of their artworks up by driving the price of Ethereum up by buying more and more.


I did see one artist verified who had nothing on their profile - no images, no minting, no buying, no followers; I thought it must have been a test account but the person asked a question here so I responded by asking how come they got verified and I never heard back

So, show us your profile and let us get to know you and better support and help you :slight_smile:

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Hey, Kenny, I tried to find your profile but because you are not verified you don’t come up in the search. Can you post a link?

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KennyRosePhilly’s profile

That’s the best I can do link wise. I don’t think that even works.

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You’re obvs hurting; the thing to keep in mind though is it is not Rarible that collects the gas fee, it’s a completely separate operation and you should decide when to mint by using this resource:

Also, did you get a rejection pretty soon after admission? You don’t appear to have a profile pic from/by you - it seems to be an auto-generated one and that will pretty much fail you right there

Yeah i second this. there needs to be a secondary vetting process. major issue if you ask me.


I do have a profile pic.

It pops up plain as day when I log in.

In fact it’s the same pic that I have here.

This is what I mean.

How can a site work when it doesn’t work?

OK; have you checked your profile in an incognito window because this is what I see when I do

His profile picture does show up when I open the link.

Really? Strange - had you visited his site before? I’m working on my PC at the mo so I just checked it on my mobi and get the same as the pic I posted :man_shrugging:

Why, in the name of God, should I have to do that?

I uploaded a picture months ago.

It displays when I visit my page.

Why would it only display for me?

That’s just plain stupid.

OK, please bear in mind that I am a user, like you, that has already stated I’m in a similar position

I’m trying to help you and that was a suggestion for you to try so if you want to refuse that help then fair play, your choice :man_shrugging:

No, I just checked right before I posted.

Hi @KennyRosePhilly,

for me everything looks good.
In the mail you received, you must had a clickable link. Did you click on it?
If not and if you discarded the mail, you must reach the Rarible support team on Discord.

Wow! How weird is this …

As others were seeing your profile image and I clearly wasn’t on multiple devices, I thought I’d check it on my VPN with Mexico and guess what? Your image is there …

This mother-fucking country of a cultureless govt is apparently blocking things automatically and it seems some of the content here is not being let through!

It’s also why we get a ban on visiting TD :man_shrugging:

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It’s been 9 weeks for me but some light at the end of the tunnel as I finally received a response:

" Unfortunately, we have not been able to process your query yet. We sincerely apologize for the delay in our response. A combination of the media sensation and a wave of new users has created significant demand for NFT issuance platforms like Rarible, and we are working through large amounts of support tickets.

Since the ticket was submitted, there have been numerous changes and modifications to Rarible.com. With this in mind, multiple tickets might no longer be valid or unsolved. If you are still experiencing problems with Rarible.com, please reply to this message with as much detailed information a possible including Your Wallet Address, links to items, transactions, and any other relevant information.

Please note if we have not had a response back within 3 working days, will consider the ticket solved.

Thank you for your understanding, it is greatly appreciated.
Rarible Support."