Why my music NFT preview does not play anymore?

Whoops, Rarible!
After I got the music tag for my NFT, the built-in player stopped playing the track. The duration is now listed as 0:00 and does not play. Previously the track was 4.15 minutes long and before everything worked in the item and all was good.

I know another user digitaldustrecords had the same problem in the month of May. And it has not yet been resolved. Does this mean that my problem will not be solved either? Does it mean that I wasted the drop?

Does Rarible lost my music track in preview player? :anguished:

I don’t want to re-mint my music NFT to solve this problem, because everything can happen again. But what should I do? And what will Rribble do?

My feelings about this:

I suggest you open a ticket here.

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I was happy to receive a quick response from tech support. But… unfortunately, nothing has changed yet. So my “waiting results” mode is on. They’re really going to fix it, right?

This is what they said:

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I unfortunately received a similar answer for a bug. All we can do is waiting.

I’m sorry. I understand how it feels. If this problem is so widespread, then they will solve it. I can wait a month. But if nothing changes after that, the Rarible team will see letters from me more often than they see their wives and children.

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They did it! Everything works now! Music preview plays again on the NTF page. Many thanks to Rarible team! (I’m veryveryvery happy)

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Great news So if eveyrthing is sorted, I can close this topic.

DM me if you want me to reopen it :slight_smile: