Would it make sense to add a Verified Collector/Investor badge?

Putting this question up for discussion? Me and my team would like to collect / invest into artwork separately from the profile we use to share our own artworks with the community. Therefore we believe it could be a true value-add to also verify authentic investors with a badge (maybe blue instead of yellow). Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

The verification badge is for creators AND collectors. Each one has different qualifications to meet and when you go to request a verification badge, you will select “creator” or “collector” before proceeding.

Check out this article by Rarible for more information on how to be accepted: https://www.notion.so/How-to-get-verified-on-Rarible-c6496e55ff33440bbe75ef19701a47fa
You can also look at the verification request form but be sure not to submit it. Just browse through each question and make sure you are able to meet all the qualifications.

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