Would you like a comp token?

Hello Community,

I would like to offer free tokens to those that would like to be owners. Just because you are all so fabulous :grin:

Having a little difficulty posting my page link. If you are interested, you will find me :wink:
Any NFT’s that have more than 1 for sale(majority of them), are up for grabs. I will offer ONE free token of each that is eligible. To be fair, only 1 token per individual. Give a hello, post the token you would like, and of course your address. Hoping transfer fees don’t suddenly skyrocket!
Have a great weekend everyone!!


Hello @Duch I would absolutely love a copy of THIS if available…
0xc9ce7a2ea3779c2e61e56e067940434b1dded84a :grin:

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Hey RDT,
Which one would you like? You provided your address, but don’t see your selection.

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I like this one:

Here is my address: 0x0691a0f7b0d690f5e18a7541b34415135555ab1c

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Hi Jac…Griff #3-SURF sent

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Hey, awesome!!! Thank you so much! :metal:

Would you like one of these in return?:

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image Sorry it didn’t upload before

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Most certainly would!!! I so enjoy your Llama’s. They make me smile. Colourful and cheery! Thoughtful of you to return the transfer :grinning:

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@Duch I don’t get it how are people even looking at the tokens your link in your user card seems to be broken and won’t bring me to your profile idk

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Okay, I just sent it. I hope my llama will bring you much joy!


My apologies…You did say you wanted ‘THIS’. I actually forgot that I had used that as a title lol. Have several of those, so sent you 2.

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Yeah, the same thing happened when I clicked her link. I just typed her name into the search.

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I found my way to your profile wow you have small mints to just be giving them away

Honestly, I have given up on it, ugh. I have attempted to change my settings numerous times now. Just doesn’t update or allow any changes. And correct, the link appears broken. Put ‘Duch’ in the search, on the main rarible page. I will come up as a user. Click my icon and will take you to my page.

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Got it. Thanks! Love it.


Well I feel a little bit guilty to ask for any of these because the mints are so small but “No Evil” is my favorite. :+1:

I intend to purchase a program, and then learn how to use it. Hoping I will then be able to actually create the type of NFT’s I want to. Up to this point, it has been very experimental. Not yet able to create what I am envisioning. Just nice if people actually want some of the few I have:)
Address pls.

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Very cool @Duch I know what you mean but I think your previous art is pretty good :+1: But I’m glad to here your investing in your self. Can’t wait to see what this new Program does for you. :art: If you don’t mind me asking what program are you looking at? don’t feel obligated to tell if you want to keep it a secret Just curious.

@Duch I really like Maneaters!