Wow, so y'all are a scam huh

Paid my good hard earned money to create an NFT for what… to have you shady snake oil salesmen keep it hidden away. 0 stars, folks will know.


You’ve gotta be verified or have multiple posts up brother.

It will make the process of finding your posts easier.


No, this definitely seems scam like. The create process is deliberately vague and lacks any kind of explanation. There is no support or contact location. There is COIN changing hands and no restriction on the actual visual pieces. You can just right click and download them. What am I Missing? explain it to me.


Yep. I tried to create a collectible twice, I got chrged both times and nothing was created, nobody answer anything and forget about a refund.

I have to emit, I have just paid $75 to mint an NFT, and I can’t even find it in search results? Not that impressed, oh well, that’s what you get for listening to YouTube dudes telling you it’s the next best thing since sliced bread

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A new broom sweeps clean!

Got my ass. Smh.

Spend more money? At $75 a pop, that’s not possible, there should at least be a latest submissions feed. It’s scandalous, absolutely snake oil salesman as mentioned, probably just a bunch of loaded crypto dudes laughing at us, the idea is daft anyway, I actually can’t believe I fell for it, the more I think about it, the more I want to punch myself in the face, after all, everything can be screen grabbed.


click “Explore”, scroll past Top sellers, Hot collections etc. down to Explore and then click “Filter & Sort” on the right side and turn off “Verified only”…

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Do not be so negative Men.

It is a new space. It is going to have some kinks in it.

You are going to have to spend a few $$$ to understand the space.

Be prepared to or leave the space now.

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super f**king scam, I paid money to have an NFT minted, they took the money, I didnt get my NFT, and there’s no recourse, nothing I can do, and no support whatsoever.

Where I come from if someone offers something in exchange for money, and they don’t provide said thing once you pay, that’s stealing.

It’s not a new place. Why would you think it is? Its been out for over a year.

Yeah, pretty sure its scammy and the site owners only verify their friends that have pieces they own. They denied my verification with no reason. Shady af.

2Ethereum, agreed there will be kinks but Rarible needs to stand up and fix the kinks!!.
I minted yesterday, everything went well except the IPFS link I attached didnt get minted with the art.
DO I need to ask Rarible to add my IPFS link? Is it part of the blockchain and I therefore need to Burn the current NFT and re-mint? Costing me double Gas, gas for the first mint and gas for the second? This is not a learning curve mistake, this is a Rarible code execution mistake and Rarible needs to provide a more reliable infrastructure for so we arent wasting OUR money.

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