Wrong Category- Support don't help- weeks are gone

Since 2 weeks I try to reach support. My NFT is in the wrong category. It’s not art it’s music. There was no choice, while I was uploading this. UNtil now, nobody ´changes this. I am very unhappy about this terrible customer support.

Have u try looking that subject in this forum , i think u have to choose before u upload .this is a comunity site , u should ask arround as well , u might get help faster.

Also, in case you haven’t tried it:


Rarible now only take support requests through here.

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They might not be able to have the capabiliity to change it, certain things are unchangeable on the ETH blockchain. You are unable to change tags, they most likely can’t either. While I am unsure if they can change the tag or not, it is best to keep that in mind in a worst-case scenario.

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When I upload, there was no option to choose.

I still didn’t get help. I wrote the support several times.

Like others have explained in different posts and threads and in yours, tags cannot be changed. If we cannot change them, then most likely Rarible cannot change it. If it stresses you this much, you’ll have to re-mint the music.

Ike a member above mention , i mint 3 pieces so far and i couldnt find where to change that option before i mint .If anyone could give an indication where one could change before uploading would be great.


@CoconutEspresso Do you really understand my problem?

As mentioned very often and also wrote the support often, there was no category to choose. If you think I am wrong, please show me.

Yes, I understand your problem because it has been mentioned multiple times in various threads.

Not once have I suggested to you to change the category yourself. Not once have I mentioned you were wrong. When I mentioned that “if it stresses you this much, you’ll have to re-mint it”, does not mean to go look for a category to choose, but that you should try again and hopefully it’s categorized correctly.
What I have said multiple times is we cannot change these. If we cannot change them, then Rarible may not be able to do anything as well because once an NFT is up, it cannot be changed.

They still no answering. Why? Cause they make with their own music collection money. It’s like a showcase for them

Rarible does not make money unless the art piece is sold, to which you make money too (regardless of it having been in Art or Music category).
EDITED: My apologies, I might have mistaken you for another user who was not verified. Looks like you are.

Members are trying their best to give you an answer. None of us have the capability to change the category. It is frustrating, but we have to deal with it for now. The best we can do is support one another, this requires showcasing your linked piece on other social media so others can shill and share it.

But why the support doesn’t answer for weeks? If they have to less employed, why they don’t look for new one?

You are probably one of the thousands that are on the backburner. Continuously giving them more emails might look like spam more than an emergency.

I agree it’s not the best service, they need to do a lot of work in several areas.
However, I wouldn’t put it past them that they weren’t expecting such an influx of creators at once. Hiring new employees isn’t simple. It takes weeks to get through interview processes to find someone who fits perfectly for the job and they might not like the pay. Not everyone can handle massive amounts of reports and emails every day. Not only that, but their funding might need to primarily be towards the website rather than employees right now for it to be working properly. Us users don’t understand their company that well yet.

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I am still waiting without any answer. It’s a big scam here.

If you believe Rarible is a scam, I suggest to go to another marketplace or to not do NFTs. Your emotional wellbeing is more important.
You can also try to create NFTs yourself, but this takes a bit of practice.

No one else, as a user, can help you than we have already tried.

If or when support finally reaches out to you, would you be satisfied if Rarible states the same thing other users have been saying, which is “we cannot change the category at this time”?

No i would ask why
It is not written in the smart contract, but categorized on the website.
I would also ask why other works of art other than music are then exhibited.
I would also ask what personal relationship the Rarible team has to the music on display.

A bit of transparency in this market, you can certainly still demand it, right?

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If I get an answer from the support, I will post it.

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Do look into other marketplaces in the meantime of waiting.

You are very determined to understand what is exactly wrong and that is admirable. I can’t help but think your efforts would be better presented in another market where your music would be more appreciated instead of the struggle of what is currently happening.

Man, I payed a lot of money for minting my music here on rarible. And it’s a unique NFT. I can not sell it anywhere. Where are the terms of use of rarible? If they will not answer in the near future they and the whole website will get a big problem. Maybe, than you also will be on other opinion about this scammers!