Wrong Category- Support don't help- weeks are gone

This is the only thing I can find for Terms of Service for Rarible: https://static.rarible.com/terms.pdf
Not sure if it’s correct though.

I don’t have a problem with Rarible and I don’t personally think they’re scammers. I minted my first piece yesterday and everything turned out good. The only issue now is if I can get verified, which I’m not trying to speedrun.

If you are involved in this “big trouble” be sure to update us since it could affect all users. If not, that’s fine too.

Today was the first day I saw my item in the correct category. I wrote many times the support. Hope in future it will be better. This Market is new, but we need a good service for customers. Thank You for your help everybody.

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Hi mate, i’m in the same situation here, i wanted my 2 nft in the photography category not in art. It’s not a big deal so i didn’t changed it or asked for support. How could you change it? Should i ask for support myslef? Thanks @mokusgreen

Yes, you should write the support.
Please provide them all necessary information (which category, which address…) so everything go faster. I waited for 4 weeks

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Thanks, sounds like an hard way.thanks for sharing your path brother!!!

Hey for anyone who may have this problem. The support told me to redirect you guys here.


Have a good day

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