Entrepreneur by day. Creator by night. Practioner of art, music, cosmology, empath. Manifesting good vibes through positive projection and the medium of NFTs.

Hoff is a digital artist on the Ethereum Blockchain giving creative tribute to entrepreneurship, the cosmos, and global unity. He creates unique single and multi-edition NFTs. During this journey, Hoff intends to innovate and advocate for NFTs broader application in everyday life.

Hoff mints almost all original work exclusively on the Rarible.com platform. Viva la $RARI

You can request a custom NFT artwork from Hoff for any concept, dedication, or vision by simply emailing him here: m@startupalpha.com (24-hour response guaranteed :white_check_mark:)

You can visit Hoff’s Collection of work :point_right:t2: https://rarible.com/hofftherecord

Artist Manifesto

I believe global access to education and knowledge are essential to expand opportunity for people to create value. I believe people can continuously learn, adopt, and expand their skills and expertise regardless of background or station in life. I believe brands are going to need adopt new creative ways to connect with their customers. In the spirit of this I founded a technology accelerator with the vision that regardless of where one started life’s journey, their passion could become their purpose.

I believe art is a universal framework that can transcend societal barriers. It is with this in mind that I am trying to build a foundation that proves the value creation process towards a future objective is possible and money is not the only motivator in achieving this. No two people are the same, but I believe the intangible factors and behaviors that make us unique also illustrate how in many ways we are the same and we feel the same emotions.

I hope with Rarible I can show creativity can advance this value creation process. I want to show that just because people live on the other side of a line on a map, does not mean we should not care about their well-being or can connect through common passions. That growth hacking your way to achieving your dreams is not something that should bring you any shame, but something to be celebrated.

Above all, I want to show we must go beyond our own borders and share in a greater view of the world garden in hopes we can inspire collaboration in creating and building a better tomorrow.