Hello I am Kriyos Tithis,
Because of my interest in colors and programming, I entered the digital world 22 years ago. I did not do it, I did not do it again, it did not happen again … again …

But as time passed, I saw that people started to like what I did … sometimes criticized, sometimes congratulated me. These criticisms and congratulations have always motivated me.

I have made thousands of designs so far. Sometimes a company logo, sometimes a restaurant’s food menu …

Until recently, I did not prefer social media. Because a few years ago, many of my designs were hijacked through social media channels.

But I see that social media is indispensable for the digital world.

I am happy to exhibit the first NFT on I hope I get good reviews and likes.

I look forward to future reactions. I am eagerly awaiting the completion of my new work that I have been working on.

In short, I have been making art for 22 years myself.

With my deepest love …